Working in Germany


As an employee in Germany you will have very strong benefits. Many German laws will protect you, and the social security is very good compared to the rest of the world.  If you work for trust7 or one of our clients, there are additional benefits. We help you to get a work permit or Blue Card, we provide valuable consultation, and trust7s large community provides advice on all aspects of moving to Germany and adjusting to your new home.


Some areas have a high demand for experienced experts.  If your skills fit into one of these areas you should send us your current CV.   We will check our open positions and help you to find a promising job.


1.   C++


We have a fantastic offer for the best C++ developers to work in the heart of Berlin in an international team. You have a high level of mathematics and algorithm background and you love to work?  You have many years of experiences and never give up? Send us your CV.


2.   UX Design


User experience is an important factor in product and service development, and we have some excellent cooperative partners in this area.  Do you have UX skills? Send us your CV.


3.  IoT Internet of Things


There are many very good job opportunities if you have experience in smart homes, smart cities, or industrial internet of things (IIoT).  If you have IoT experience, send us your CV.



4.   E-Mobility and Self-Driving Cars


Germany started late in this development, but it is catching up fast.   Germany needs many experts to get to the top of the automotive industry. Do you work in this field? Send us your CV.




The right address for all applications is 


Please do not send certificates or passport copies until we request them from you.

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