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visa is about to expire

visa is about to expire
6/27/18 7:17 PM
Hello All,

We have got into a difficult situation and dont know how to get rid of it. My D type dependent visa was done from the Foreigner's office in Kolkata and the validity was till July 3th. I was staying in Stuttgart for 3 months. I tried to extend my Visa within first 3 months but they rejected and asked me to come only before 1 month of the expiry date. Now we have shifted to Darmstadt and for past 1.5 months I am going to Darmstadt for visa extension. But ever time they are saying they will send me a termin within next 2-3 days and then I need to go to the Darmstadt Foreigner's Office with the Termin. I went to the Foreigners Office for 9 times in past 1.5 months and everytime I am getting the same reply. I could see that my file has already transferred from Stuttgart to Darmstadt but they are not sending me the Termin. I have already requested to extend my Visa on temporary basis but they are denying that as well.
Please let me know whom to contact/what should be my next steps if anybody has gone through the same situation. Thanks in Advance!
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