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some question about Huawei ETP48100-B1-50A

recently i learned about huawei's products on a website, but it is not clear that I have a professional problem.
 I would like to know someone who can answer it, for example Does power converter Huawei ETP48100-B1-50A enough to Huawei OLT MA5800-X7 with full configuration (7 slot services)?
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RE: some question about Huawei ETP48100-B1-50A
3/19/18 3:38 AM as a reply to zara lion.
Yes, ETP48100 converter can MAX output 50A, total power 2400W, is much larger than MA5800 you configured (MPLA 2*117W+GPHF 7*50W=584W), so it's far more than enough.
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