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RE: Blue card Application

Blue card Application
visa bluecard
8/3/12 9:25 AM
Hi Experts !
Iam new to this forum . Really appreciate the way people share their experiences and knowledge about Germany in this forum.

I did some research on new  Blue Card rules for Germany,  but I didnt find relevant information pertaining to my query.
Iam in process of getting offer letter from Company based in Hamburg.  I wish to apply for blue card for me and my wife from Mumbai- India. When I contacted for list of documents require for the blue card, I got below reply from the Mumbai-German-Consulate, 

" Informations regarding a Blue Card can only be given by the concerend aliens authority in Hamburg, because the BlueCard is not effecting the visa procedure."

Now  I am really not sure what shall be overall correct process for obtaining blue card. Does my prospective employer needs to initiate the application of bluecard from Germany or Should I apply for blue card for me and my wife from Mumbai.

Requesting experts for some insights into this.

Thanks !
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RE: Blue card Application
8/4/12 10:57 AM as a reply to Neenad Uttam Kivalkar.

The Bluecard rule is new and the people at Aliens office here (in Stuttgart for example) also have no clue yet on the process for this. I guess this will take a while till the process is established. Once it comes into place, it will be faster if your employer applies for this I feel. IMO, it will take a while till Consulates abroad starts processing Blue cards.

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RE: Blue card Application
8/6/12 3:39 PM as a reply to Neenad Uttam Kivalkar.
The best source of information should be the interior ministry (BMI). I have noticed that a lot of people are assuming that along with the German priority check (Vorrangprüfung) the labor ministry eqaulity check is also waived for Blue Card. This is not true. The equality check is removed only if the salary is 44,800 euro. If the salary is less than 44,800 but more than 35,000, an equality check will be carried out:

•Die Mindestverdienstgrenze für die Blaue Karte EU
wird für 2012 auf 44.800 Euro festgesetzt. Eine Vorrang- oder
Vergleichbarkeitsprüfung der Arbeitsbedingungen findet nicht statt.

Die Einkommensgrenze für Mangelberufe (MINT-Berufe, Ärzte und IT-Berufe) wird rd. 35.000 Euro betragen. Eine Prüfung der Vergleichbarkeit der Arbeitsbedingungen ist hier erforderlich.


I should add that this is not of huge importance for regular applicants but only to discourage companies that are looking to hire cheaper labor from outside Germany and forcing them to do more hours and harder work.
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RE: Blue card Application
8/9/12 6:52 AM as a reply to cicero.
good info
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RE: Blue card Application
visa bluecard
8/10/12 5:26 PM as a reply to george watson.
Hi all,

Here is latest update on this topic.

I had contacted the local foreigners office at Hamburg and asked them the same question about Blue Card, which I had done at German consulate in Mumbai and I got below reply ......

As a foreigner you do have to apply for the Visa at the German embassy in your home country. Please look up the links I have posted in order to
acquire information about the blue Card.
Basically you need to file in the applications with your Bachelor/ Masters Degree, a CV and the Work Contract, which you would have to hand in at the
embassy for verification in Germany.

with above information, I had contacted back German consulate in Mumbai and they replied to me with below text .....
information about the blue card can not be provided by the concerend foreign missions, as the blue card only becomes applicable once the residence permit is granted.  Information about the procedure after the visa was issued and you have reached
Germany can only be given by the concerend aliens authority.
Further questions in this matter will be of no avail.
Its really irony that neither local German consulate at Mumbai nor Foreigners office at Hamburg, have necessary information. It appears..just ping-pong game to me.On contrary they are confusing me with having normal residence permit and then apply for Blue Card.

So IMO, candidates who are in sailing in same boat as mine( job offer at hand and wish to apply for blau karte) ,  its better to file for normal visa and then call your spouse on famly re-union visa category. Seeing the responses,regarding applying/filing for new blue card, I dont think we will have any good useful news atleast few months ..for new Blue Card.

Anways its individual decisions either to wait for Blue card or file for normal visa .

Prost ~~ !!
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RE: Blue card Application
8/13/12 3:54 PM as a reply to Neenad Uttam Kivalkar.
Hey all, 

I'm also trying to apply for the blue card but I'm getting different and not so detailed requirements
Below I added some replies that I got from the embassy in Beijing.
For example, my university degree is from Colombia and it is in spanish and until now I don't know if I need to validate it with the Education Ministry from Germany,  it does not say anything about that appart of the translation

To get a Blue Card EU you have to apply for a working visa (see the information sheet on our website) and present the same documents.

The difference is, that for a Blue Card a university degree is mandatory and in your working contract with a German company the minimum annual salary before tax has to be 44.800 €, in case your job is part of the so-called "MINT-jobs" (mathematics, informatics, natural science, technics) it can be minimum 34.944 €, if you are employed with the same conditions and the same salary that a German employee in your field of work usually would get.

The application will be forwarded to the local aliens and work authority, whos approval is mandatory to issue the visa.


1. The normal processing time for such a visa can take 6-12 weeks
2. you can borrow your passport at any time, if you need to travel somewhere
3. the document has to be translated in German from a translator - the German authority will check if this document has to be notarized or legalized in anyway - but so far I can not give you an answer on that


Hope we could keep posting and trying to get a good guess on what would be the requirements.
I also hope I don't go there for the visa application and they make me wait another month for the next appointment because something was missing...
Is there anybody that has already tried to apply recently? 

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RE: Blue card Application
1/17/18 3:11 PM as a reply to Carlos Algarra.
Urgent help needed.
I applied for EU Blue card from India and now my application is approved. During this approval processing time, I have secured another job offer from the company.

Now I want to start my job in the Germany with Second company, whereas my application is approved for first company. Just FYI.. salary requirement very well meet for both of these company.

After landing in Germany, can I go with new company offer letter and ask Foreigner office for new approval? if so, how long do you think it will take to get the approval?

Prompt response much appreciated.
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