Our forum is the right place for exchanging infos, searching for help or helping others. Meanwhile there are many thousand posts, so please use our 'Search' function if you are looking for a special topic. Before you post, you have to register with a valid email address.

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FAQ and important Links!
This place is just for our 'Experts'. Please post useful Tips, Paragraphs of the Immigration Law and Links, I mean the answers of typical and frequently asked questions.
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For Sale - Zu Verkaufen!
Here you can offer things for sale. Hier können Sie Ihre Sachen anbieten.
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Help needed!
Dear trust7 community! From time to time I get mails from people who are desperate and who are asking me for help. I try to help, but sometimes I can not. So I ask all of you to visit this new forum from time to time, in case you can help.
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Here you can find almost any information regarding a foreigners life in Germany.
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Job Offers / Stellenangebote
Here you will find new job offers from our sponsor company netWalk IS. In case you want to apply send a mail to job@netwalk.de Please feel free to forward this to a friend, if you think he could be interested.
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Meeting the World!
Hi all, my name is Juliana Gonzalez, I am from Colombia. Tell us where you come from and what you have there that could be interesting for the rest of the world. All the best, Juliana G
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The media are the strongest partner in the fight for GCs concerns! Journalists ask me for GC contacts and I ask the GCs to cooperate, if someone is looking for an interview partner.
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International recipes. Just to share some cooking tips between friends from all over the world :-)
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Start Up
For exchanging information about founding a company in Germany.
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trust7 members in your neighborhood
If you are looking for other trust7 members in your neighborhood, just send a message with your City as a topic and do not forget your mail address.
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Visa Questions
Visa related questions.
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