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trust7 has been serving the highly qualified professionals who reside in Germany and from all around the world since many years now. Our community website trust7.com has over 6000 registered users, the forum members help and guide each other.

Our online community is just getting bigger by the day, and it's more like a family of experts. We frequently get enquiries both, from the experienced specialists who want to pursue their future career in Germany, as well as from experts working locally but aspiring for newer and promising roles.

The clients who entrust trust7 with their search for new personnel are not risking anything, for we work on a success basis. The profiles of the applicants, we short list, are thoroughly reviewed by our expert consultants, so as to make sure, that only the most suited profiles make way to you. We value your time, and assure you that your requirements will be precisely met with 100% satisfaction. After all, your wish is our command.

Contact us at search@trust7.com

Your Branch in Germany

Germany is one of the largest economies worldwide and the strongest in Europe

Do not miss the chance for your business to become a part of the German Success Story.

With 17 years of experiences as a consultancy specialized on foreign investors, inside knowledge of the German way of business, as native Germans with the very best reputation, we offer support to foreign companies from different economic sectors for establishing branch offices in Germany or founding a German company.

Your German Branch

You can start this from your head office, but you should have a German address, phone number and a native German to answer incoming calls for the most important first contacts, leading to further communications with the management/technical staff of your company.

You also need this person for the communication with German authorities and to help you with decisions related to country specific questions.

Our recommendation for a safe and cost effective way into the German market:

  • 1. Start with a representative business address and evaluate the market for your services/products
  • 2. Set up a dependent branch of your company (make business in Germany and pay taxes where the head office is located)
  • 3. Set up an independent branch or a new company to get incentives from Germany and to improve the business possibilities which you already explored

If you hire our service you can be sure that we will think about your business as if it would be our own.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions.