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trust7 - meeting your highest aspirations


It is my trust, your trust, trust for all!


What happens when a team of global experts comes face to face on the same platform to deliver a service? That's when a trust is formed. Without dramatising any further, lets take a quick overview of the resulting company which is not just any service but a brand that unveils a whole new job market to you with its unlimited potential. With immense pleasure I would like to reintroduce trust7 with its underlying principle of trust built over years; not through tricks, techniques or tools but by character. So when you say trust, you have said it all.


Being number 1 is extremely overrated, trust7 aspires not to be influenced by any number games but to strive hard to be the most bankable player in the market . To provide value services in order to open new doors of opportunity to our esteemed customers, and to increase their visibility are some of the rudimentary goals of our business.


trust7 has been at your service for many years now. Over time, it has developed into a bigger and better enterprise. We take pride in announcing that our community Website has now over 6000 registered users, and our online community is amplifying with each passing day. Our forum members are steadfast in responding to the posted queries in the most genuine manner. Each day we get queries from professionals and job enthusiasts regarding the prospective job avenues in Germany or about the newer and more promising job roles. The profiles of the candidates short listed are thoroughly reviewed by our expert panel to ensure right job to the right candidate. We value trust in us and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. trust7 believes in delivering results within the stipulated time to win over our clientele thereby encouraging brand loyalty. After all, your belief in us is what keeps us going.


Before elaborating on our services and programs, lets take a quick look at what makes Germany one of the most attractive destinations not just from a career perspective but also from a living perspective. We live in a world where evils of tyranny, terrorism, social stigmas, intolerance and much more are being unleashed daily in some form or the other. The dark clouds of wars looming in the skies are displacing millions from their homelands to far-flung areas in search of safety of life, security for their kith and kin, and prospects of earning their daily bread. Despite, its ugly past, Germany has managed to reconfigure itself, in order to become one of the safest, harmonious and peace loving countries of the world.














It is worth mentioning that Germany has become one of the first nations to welcome refugees with open arms. An unprecedented move by Chancellor Angela Merkel which has won not just global accolades but also boosted Germany's image internationally. In fact, the Time magazine has ranked Merkel as the second most powerful person in the world in its 2015 rankings. This shows how well Germany has arrived and is seen on the world stage. It no longer remains a claustrophobic and xenophobic society. Today, many countries are curbing the freedom of religion, freedom of expression, perpetually violating human rights, in short making survival a big challenge. Under such circumstances, Germany offers a ray of hope to build and resurrect your crumbling life. It provides a placid abode to you and your loved ones. As it goes- 'you should leave something worth for the posterity from which they may profit'.


Nothing is more lucrative than a lucid economy and an ageing population. Germany at present is a lottery ticket to all the meritorious professionals. According to Reuters, 'German unemployment is running at 6.4 percent, the lowest since reunification in 1990, and strong economic growth allowed the government to make a record 21 billion Euro ($24 billion) budget surplus in the first half of the year.' In order to lure high talent from across the non-European zone, the EU came up with the idea of Blue Card and Germany was one of the first countries to implement it. The Blue card has caught the attention of professionals from around the world, as it enables them to easily move to Germany along with their families.


Living as a foreigner and living as a local are two different things. For a brighter future in Germany, it is utile to learn German language. It is not a prerequisite but definitely a requisite as it definitely widens your horizon in Germany. The choice is yours.


An insight into our business plan


Foreign companies trying to set up a subsidiary in Germany require a local representative to assist and familiarise them with the nuances of German market. Here at trust7, we have at your disposal complete strategies which you could offer as a franchise taker. Irrespective of the nature of your trade, by availing our services you could secure a firm ground for your business plan. You may be a tax consultant, a lawyer, a relocation specialist or a restaurateur, if you have a business proposal, you have us right here! We serve emerging entrepreneurs.


Core competence


Once an ace, always an ace. Placement of meritorious professionals is our core job. As a consultant, you will benefit from the strong networking of our community members who are experts in themselves. No matter which professional field your customers belong to, you will always find the right employees for your clients through trust7. This is not just our promise but our business to bring prospective hirers at your doorsteps. As a trust7 consultant you enjoy an undisputed repute and trust in the market. In fact, you can even promote trust7 business model in your home countries.


Why do you require trust7 franchise?


Don't be intrigued by the question, rather think about the already existing and ever increasing trust7 membership. Won't it be profitable to your new start up? After all, intelligence, individualism and pragmatic business ethics are the key to a flourishing enterprise. Be it a new business idea or the thought of expanding your current business, a franchise with trust7 will definitely make your task simpler thanks to the instant publicity. trust7 is not just a mere name, it is a title we have earned for our remarkable services over the years owing to customer satisfaction, and we hope to take this legacy forward, and live up to it in all the coming years. Here at trust7, we reserve the right to reject any franchise application, if it fails to meet our work standards.


About trust7


Our aim is to carry trust across seven seas. Here at trust7 we are continuously working to ensure that your talent gets in the right hands. This has been our primary motive for the past 15 years. We not just serve you but we win you over through our quality services. There are many types of people who come to Germany with varied dreams, some are expatriates and others are those who acquire German citizenship, our purpose is to help them to assimilate to the German surroundings as regards the day-to-day living challenges, query about visas, work permits, life in Germany and so on. trust7 continues to woo leading companies and gets copious requests from them which in turn lead to new contracts. trust7 has been proactively helping people in shaping their careers and their lives.


Recommend us and reap benefit.


Have you ever heard of the term symbiosis? No matter how thriving and globally networked a business is, it will run into some limitations or the other in today's highly competitive and dynamic world. To make a business prosperous and well placed in the mercantile environment, one needs to push through these barriers by a force called symbiosis which lends adaptability vital for survival. Although symbiosis is a biological term, it is a driving force in business too. trust7 employs this reward based challenge to anyone who gets us a contract. Meaning thereby, you recommend us to the hiring management of your company when there are job vacancies, or to the company that wants to set up a base in German market. You just have to refer the contact to us and trust7 will communicate directly. With every new contract that trust7 gets through you, it will pay you a fair commission in return.


In brief, get us recommended and we get you rewarded...fair play!


In the end, I would just like to sum up by saying- 'Discover brighter future by having your trust in us. So, have you had your trust today?'

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