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How to Found Your Own Company in Germany

Are you thinking about becoming a freelancer or founding your own company in Germany? Are confused and looking for guidance? 
Then get prepared! A goal without a plan is just a wish, and a plan without facts is not only bad, it is dangerous.
trust7 offers a very good opportunty to prepare yourself and learn about the basics of starting a business in Germany.
Join our seminar about Start Ups / Founding a Company!

Because it is on a Saturday and located in Berlin, you can easily combine it with a weekend trip to our Capital, for yourself and/or for the whole family. 

To book send an email to

Seminar host: Detlef von Hellfeld
Detlef von Hellfeld is an entrepreneur who has run his own business for decades. At present, besides his own company, he is a senior consultant for 3 IT companies, 1 from Germany, 1 from India, and 1 from the UK. 

Start Up/Company Foundation Seminar


Presenter:            trust7 Consulting

Seminar Host:     Detlef von Hellfeld

Place:                  Berlin

Date:                   22. April 2017

Time:                  12:00 bis 17:00 pm

Language:           Englisch

Fee:                     150,00 €    




Introduction of the Participants


Why should I start a business of my own - pros and cons


Legal Requirements - Foreigners / Citizens


Different Types of Business - Single Company - GbR - GmbH - Freelancer


Mandatory Memberships / Costs - IHK - Employer's Liability Insurance Association


Fiscal Aspects / Find Tax Advisor


Rental Agreements for Commercial Premises


Hiring Employees - Salary - Social Payments - Health- and Pension Insurance


Legal riscs of Self-Employment / Pseudo Self-Employment


Banks - Capital - Credit - Venture Capital




Start Up / Business Plan Contests


Questions and Answers





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